AMSL Lawyers

Welcome to the Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Community! We are excited to welcome you to the alumni association and thank you for enriching our alumni community. We look forward to working and networking with you in the professional world and invite you to contact us if we can be of service to you for career mentoring, forging additional alumni connections, professional networking, and personal prayer/support. We also encourage your active participation in the Alumni Association Annual Meeting and Elections.

Please know you and your families will be in our continuing prayers as you engage the legal profession!

In Christ,

-Alumni Association Board of Directors, Ave Maria School of Law

To contact the members of the Board of Directors, email

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Title Name/Class Year Location Term Expires
President: Andrew Bodoh ('10) Fredericksburg, Virginia 2016
Vice President: Jaime Hewitt ('14) Naples, Florida 2016
Secretary: W. Brett Branham (14') Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2016
Treasurer: Royce Hood ('12) La Grange Park, Illinois 2016
Dean of the Law School: Kevin Cieply
Director of Alumni Affairs: Donna J. Anthus
  Michael F. Acquilano (’13) Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 2017
  Alex Brockmeyer (’13) Naples, Florida 2017
  Jim Devine ('11) El Paso, Texas 2016
  Kristin Diaz-Garcia (’10) Naples, Florida 2018
  Benjamin P. Donovan (’12) Chula Vista, California 2017
  Devin Mace ('12) Fort Myers, Florida 2016
  Kimberlee Mitton ('16) Fort Myers, Florida 2019
  Kevin Normile (’08) Fort Walton Beach, Florida 2019
  Elyse Smith (’13) Leesburg, Virginia 2018
  William G. F. Sullivan (’12) Naples, Florida 2016
  Joseph Tompkins ('14) Clearwater, Florida 2019
  Katie Wilcox Waskiewicz (’09) Lansing, Michigan 2018