Access Your E-mail

All Alumni

E-mail accounts for All Alumni have been migrated to the cloud.  To access your account, click here or type in your browser’s address bar. 

The format of your username is the same as when you were a student. For assistance with your username and password, contact:

Microsoft Windows Office 365 provides a user-friendly and secure means of providing e-mail service.  Benefits include

  • A Lifetime Account
  • 10 Gigabytes of Space for E-mails and Attachments
  • 25 Gigabytes of Password-Protected Online Storage for Documents or Photos
  • Mobile Device E-mail Access
  • Forwarding to any E-mail Address
  • Spell Check, Dictionary, Thesaurus and Search Tools
  • Mail Filtering to Organize Messages, and Rules Processing to Forward Messages
  • Integrated Anti-Virus
  • No Banners or Advertisements