Honor Code

The Ave Maria School of Law Honor Code is an integral part of the spirit of the Ave Maria community. This community consists of individuals of diverse backgrounds and experiences dedicated to a quality legal education in the context of the intellectual tradition and teachings of the Catholic Church. Central to preserving this community is the personal commitment of students, staff and administrators, and the Law School faculty to conducting themselves in a manner that reflects the highest ideals of moral virtue. To this end, students, staff and administrators, and faculty annually commit themselves to the Ave Maria School of Law Honor Code as a set of principles that each member of the Law School community must respect and adhere to.

Ave Maria School of Law Honor Code

I am a member of the Ave Maria School of Law. I will act honestly, temperately, chastely, and with integrity.

I will guard against dishonesty of purpose and deed.

I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.

I will treat all others with fairness and equality respecting their rights and human dignity.

I will strive to be morally courageous and do what is right regardless of the consequences.

I will take responsibility for my actions and decisions and will hold others accountable for theirs.

I will hold myself to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, and will encourage others also to do so.

I will obey the law, the rules of professional conduct for lawyers, and this code. I will report to the appropriate authority all violations which I observe or of which I become aware.

I will ensure that these principles guide my performance, behavior, and conduct at all times.