Spiritual Life

Ave Maria School of Law offers many opportunities for significant personal and professional development. While building knowledge and skills for future professional responsibilities, students must take care not to neglect other aspects of their lives, including their spiritual health.

Ave Maria School of Law is a Catholic institution that welcomes students of all faith traditions. Though the majority of students are Catholic, many religious traditions are represented within the student body. All law students are invited and encouraged to share and nurture their faith beliefs during the course of their legal studies. The presence of faith in and out of the classroom adds a profound sense of community to the Law School and provides students with a rich professional experience in which they can explore the linkages between their personal values and their future professional responsibilities.

During the week students may participate in daily Mass in the Law School’s St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel. The door of the Chaplain is open to all students and all are welcome to share in the many celebrations held throughout the year. In addition, there are many opportunities to support the liturgical life on campus through participation as an Altar Server, Lector at Mass, Adoration Group Member, or Rosary Coordinator. Students with musical talents may be interested in being a part of the Law School’s Schola Cantorum, a vocal group which enhances special celebrations of Mass throughout the academic year.

Students are encouraged to join one of the local parishes for a full complement of services.