In Their Own Words

"Our CSO is one of the most valuable resources the students have at Ave Maria School of Law. Without the office's help I would have been lost during the application and interview process while applying for positions within the legal community. They not only have been able to pair me with the legal office that best fitted my interests but have also helped me in building my resume and perfecting my interviewing skills. I owe them all the confidence I now have in finding permanent employment after graduation."

Mary Fowler, Class of 2016
Naples, Florida

"I give a lot of credit to career services for helping me attain my dream job. I interviewed for and attained an internship with the U.S. Army through Symplicity. Career Services helped me with my resume and other job application materials. My internship with the Army led me to achieve my ultimate goal of being offered an active duty commission as an Army Judge Advocate. "

David Langley, Class of 2015
Judge Advocate Intern, U.S. Army
Naples, Florida

"Finding a well paying job these days requires professional help. The Career Services office at Ave Maria provided the professional help I needed to ensure my résumé and cover letter were concise and relevant to the positions I was seeking. It was also nice to know that I had the support of [CSO] as I sought employment as an Ave alumni. It's great to work with someone who is genuinely interested in your success. Employers are only seeking highly skilled and well experienced labor and it takes a lot to stand out in the current job market. I strongly encourage law students and alumni to seek out the services of the Ave CSO to assist them in achieving their career goals."

Andrew Bass, Class of 2014
Contracts Specialist, Parker Aerospace FSD
Naples, Florida

"After graduating in May 2014, [the Director of Career Services] began contacting me with potential job opportunities. She has taken the time to learn about what my career goals are and worked with me to find a legal job in South Florida. As an Ave alumni it's nice to know that the Career Services Office cares about the success of its graduates."

Nicole Bercume-Bass, Class of 2014
Regional Counsel, SWRPC

"My externship at the Collier County Attorney's Office gave me the edge on what it means to work in local government, and all the goings-on of municipal law. I got a chance to dabble in everything, including elections and contract law, various forms of property and land-use law, employment law, and personal injury. In addition to the exposure into various areas of law, I also gained "real life" legal experience by attending depositions, appellate arguments, and writing memos. It was a great experience, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about what it means to work in state and local government."

Jacqueline Kennedy-Dvorak, Class of 2011
Macon, Georgia

"Career Services served as a constant source of support and guidance while I was at Ave Maria. From perfecting cover letters to proofing resumes, from brainstorming job opportunities to providing me with contacts, Career Services was always there. I am now working at Americans United for Life in Washington D.C., and am very thankful for the dedicated team in Career Services."

Kellie Fiedorek, Class of 2009
Americans United for Life
Washington DC