Reciprocity Policy

Ave Maria School of Law has established the following policies concerning reciprocity:

  1. The Career Services Office (CSO) provides reasonable access of resources to students and graduates of ABA-accredited law schools both inside and outside of Florida.

  2. Services are available only to those law schools that extend services to Ave Maria School of Law’s students and graduates.

  3. All requests for services must be made in writing by the student/graduate’s Career Services Office in advance of the intended visit (no walk-in requests will be honored). Requests must include the student/graduate’s name, date or expected date of graduation, and the student/graduate’s email address.

  4. Students and graduates should phone or email the CSO to schedule an appointment prior to the initial visit.

  5. Reciprocal services include on-site access to resource materials, handouts, and access to current job postings for a period of 90 days from the date of approval. If the requesting school provides online access to job postings, Ave Maria School of Law will provide the same. If the requesting school does not provide online access to job postings, Ave Maria School of Law will either grant privileges similar to the requesting school’s reciprocal arrangement, or grant access to online postings for a 30 day period.

  6. Services will not be available between August 15 and November 1 of each year.

  7. Students or graduates of other law schools are not permitted to schedule on-campus interviews or participate in resume collect opportunities with employers at Ave Maria School of Law.

  8. Students/graduates responding to an open position found on Ave Maria School of Law’s online job posting board must state in the cover letter to employers that the position was found from this office through a reciprocal arrangement with their school.

  9. The Career Services Director of Ave Maria School of Law may deny further services to any school surpassing a reasonable number of reciprocity requests within any calendar year, or to individuals who misuse the facilities or services.

Reciprocity requests should be directed to:

Jennifer Lucas-Ross
Director of Career Services
Ave Maria School of Law
1025 Commons Circle
Naples, Florida 34119
(239) 687-5351