The Department of Development and External Affairs hosts several exciting events each year that are opportunities to bring together AMSL supporters with students, faculty, and staff from the law school.  These events are also fundraisers for the Ave Maria School of Law Scholarship Fund.

  • Gala

The Galas are upscale events held at luxury venues in Naples. They feature a dinner, live and silent auctions, sponsorships from community partners, and national recognized public figures as Guests of Honor. All of the proceeds from these events support the Ave Maria School of Law Scholarship Fund. 

In late 2009, Ave Maria School of Law hosted a memorable Gala at the Naples Ritz-Carlton as a "Grand Opening" Celebration. The following year, a Tenth Anniversary Gala was held to look back at the achievements of the first decade of the law school’s history. One year later, the tradition continued with a Gala celebrating the unique role Ave Maria School of Law plays in the great public events of our age.

The 2013 Christmas Gala is scheduled for Friday, December 6, at the Port Royal Club. Tickets may be purchased and advance bidding may be done online at

  • “Conversation With” Speaker Series

Starting in 2008, before AMSL had even re-located to Florida, a tradition began of holding a speaker series in the Spring began.  Among the national public figures that have participated are: Andy Card (former White House Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush), Edwin Meese III (former Attorney General of the United States), Roger Ailes (Chairman of Fox News Channel), Rick Santorum (former United States Senator), Phyllis Schlafly (Founder of the Eagle Forum advocacy organization), Bret Baier (Fox News Channel Anchor), Reince Preibus (Prominent Attorney and Chairman of the Republican National Committee), Paul Ryan (United States Congressman), and Martha MacCallum (Fox News Channel Anchor).

The “Conversation With” Speaker Series is a fundraiser for the Ave Maria School of Law Scholarship Fund.  Attendees have the opportunity to meet and get to talk with a nationally recognized public figure while learning more about the benefits of supporting the law school.