"Thank you" from AMSL Students

Alexandria Swoyer “At Ave Maria School of Law – I’m not just a number;  I’m treated with care and respect as a worthy individual.  I am nurtured both spiritually and intellectually. I want to thank the Lord, I want to thank our Professors and I want to thank all of you who have contributed and supported our school.”
– Alexandria Swoyer, Class of 2013

Brett BranhamDear Friend of Ave Maria School of Law,

We would like to thank you for your generous donations and continued support of the mission espoused by our school of law. Through your contributions, law students are being prepared to practice law armed with the principles of dedication, honesty, and morality. While learning the law, centered in the Catholic intellectual tradition, we are becoming equipped to efficiently and pragmatically practice law from the moment of graduation.

While looking for a law school to attend, I came across a list that enumerated the most conservative law schools in the nation. Residing at the top of that list was Ave Maria School of Law. I immediately visited the school’s website. The first three words that grabbed my attention on the home page were “Faith, Reason, and Community.” They were centered on the page, bold and highlighted. More importantly, these words connected with my convictions. Taken from the teachings of Pope John Paul II, I came to learn that these three words are the central mission of Ave Maria School of Law. Because of you contributions I am able to study the law at a school that builds my faith, gives me the incomparable ability to reason legally, and has instilled within me a sense of service to my local, national, and global community.

Thanks to your contributions, this mission is perpetuated in the hearts and minds of every law student that passes through the halls of this unique school of law. Never at any point of time in the history of this nation has it been more imperative for lawyers, judges, and legal advocates to be steadfast in the support of these principles that have made the United States of America the greatest country in the world. Ave Maria School of Law stands as a city upon a hill shining forth as a beacon of reason and faith into the legal community.
As a member of the student body we graciously appreciate your generosity and look forward to representing your charitable contributions as we further the mission of the Ave Maria School of Law.


Brett Branham