Bar Preparation Strategies

In September 2010, Ave Maria School of Law launched an unprecedented effort to prepare her graduates to succeed on the bar exam. These efforts, which were further expanded during the last academic year, include new mandatory and elective course offerings, the creation and enhancement of our Advanced Critical Thinking department, an array of other programming and expert guest lecturers, and a renewed emphasis on academic rigor. We believe that taken together and over time, this new, comprehensive approach will ensure that our graduates are given all they need to succeed on bar examinations.

Ave Maria School of Law will continue to reinforce and expand upon our bar preparation resources so that every graduate has all he or she needs to pass the bar exam and enter the legal profession as a force for good.

  • Bar Prep Strategies

Bar Prep Strategies
Ave Maria School of Law offers a full array of seminars and courses to assist third-year students in preparing for the bar examination.  These strategies are meant to supplement, not substitute for, a typical commercial bar preparation course that students take while studying for the bar after graduation.  The courses offered include:

  • Advanced Legal Analysis-Multistate – 2 credit hours (required for all third-year students)

This course focuses on instilling specific test-taking strategies that are essential to success on the Multistate Bar Exam (“MBE”). Skills covered include exploring how typical MBE questions are constructed and how they can contain traps for the test-taker, as well as how to avoid those traps.

  • Advanced Essay Writing – 1 credit hour (required for most students taking a bar exam in a state other than Florida)

This course focuses on instilling advanced essay writing techniques for timed essay questions similar to those found on most state bar examinations.

  • Florida Legal Practice – 1 credit hour (required for most students taking the Florida bar exam)

This course focuses on Florida-specific essay writing and multiple choice questions.