International Law And Human Rights

The Vatican

Mission Statement:

The study of International Law and Human Rights at Ave Maria School of Law is unique for its focus on the Catholic intellectual tradition, founded on divine nature law, the source of all law. In addition, we offer support to the mission and role of the Holy See on the international and regional levels through research, writing and collaboration.

Our focus is on a full range of issues, but is particularly devoted to the following themes:

  1. The study of questions pertaining to the natural family and vulnerable persons, including unborn and born children as well as elderly and disabled persons;

  2. The plight of the poor and persons on the move (e.g. refugees, displaced person) who find themselves in difficult and dangerous situations, often the target human traffickers;

  3. International peace and security issues, especially acts of terrorism that involve the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities;

  4. The study of international criminal law, including mutual cooperation between States on criminal matters with a view to bringing perpetrators to justice;

  5. Acts of intolerance against Christians in Western countries (e.g. desecration of cemeteries and Churches) as well as the judicial and legislative misapplications of the principles of equality and non-discrimination that have led to violations against the freedom of religion.

In this way, it plays a vital role at Ave Maria School of Law in offering students and faculty the possibility to raise, discuss and study questions of global concern for all persons of good will.