Specific Learning Outcomes

To fulfill its Mission, Ave Maria School of Law is committed to ensuring that Ave Maria School of Law graduates have achieved competency in the following areas:

1. knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law;

2. legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem-solving, and written and oral communication in the legal context;

3. exercise of proper professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the legal system;

4. professional skills necessary for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession; through the training they receive, Ave Maria School of Law graduates develop professional skills such as interviewing, counseling, negotiation, fact development and analysis, trial practice, document drafting, conflict resolution, organization and management of legal work, and collaboration;

5. knowledge and understanding of the moral foundations of the law, appreciating the contributions of the Catholic intellectual tradition to the law and society, and understanding the importance of integrating one's moral and religious principles into one's vocation in the law;

6. understanding law as a learned profession whose members are called to serve the common good;

7. understanding the importance of reflecting critically upon the law and their role in the legal system and for the need to continually evaluate and assess their professional development.