Dean's Message

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Ave Maria School of Law. Our mission is to provide the highest quality in legal education, infused with the teachings of the Catholic Church. This past year, our school was recognized by the National Jurist’s PreLaw magazine as the nation’s "Best Catholic Law School for the Devout." It says a lot about our culture, community, and the learning experience at our school.

Dean and PresidentLaw school is sui generis in how it shapes and molds you as a person. The intensity, magnitude, and complexity of the materials force you to grow intellectually. Given that, who will you trust with the cultivation of your mind? What anchors their thoughts and grounds their philosophy? Let me pose another question: what type of peer group will you choose? In my opinion, it is a very important question. To master the basic concepts and to develop the requisite analytical skills you will need to effectively practice law, you will spend an inordinate amount of time with your law school classmates; they will have an immense influence on your personal growth and character. And make no mistake about it, first you will build your character in life, and then your character will create the type of attorney you will become in practice. Our students have traditionally exhibited the very highest levels in moral character, our alumni consistently stand as beacons of professionalism and leaders in their legal communities.

At Ave Maria School of Law, our faculty and staff take very seriously their charge to shape and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders in the legal profession. Their foundation is one of Faith and Reason; they have dedicated their lives to the service of others, to protecting the sanctity of life, and protecting human dignity. They approach law as a vocation. Our faculty is also experienced in the actual practice of law. They do not lecture from pure theory, but rather they bring alive in the classroom how to implement those legal principles and moral teachings into the practice of law.

We offer a rigorous and varied academic program, providing our students with the basics to successfully pass the bar exam, as well as courses which are specifically designed to prepare our students for the practice of law. As part of our practical approach, we offer clinics where students have opportunities to represent victims of violent crime, victims of human trafficking, those seeking asylum, unaccompanied immigrant children, and workers subjected to unfair labor practices. Through these practicums, students have the opportunity to work on matters pending in Immigration Court, state courts, the National Labor Relations Board, and federal appellate courts.

As you consider law schools, I invite you to consider the location of the law school. We are located in beautiful Naples, Florida, just six miles from some of the best beaches in the world. Our campus sits in a golfing community, adjacent to a county park. Naples is one of the most popular and vibrant communities in our nation. Our campus is pristine, modern and soothing.

Bear in mind, law school is three years of your life. And where you choose to go to law school will likely set where you will live and practice law for years to come. We offer our students externship opportunities in our local communities, we are intimately involved with the local bar, and we are invested in serving the communities of Southwest Florida. Location can dramatically affect your mental well-being, outlook on life, and ultimately your overall happiness. It would be very hard for you to find a more perfect location to study law than Ave Maria School of Law.

Our goal is to provide a special place where you will not only learn the law, but also become that person you know you can be—a place that synergistically works with you to discover and fulfill your true essence, to become your very best. Come to a school that represents the highest ideals; come to Ave Maria School of Law.

God Bless,

Kevin Cieply
President and Dean

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