Charles W. Grimes

Adjunct Professor

Mr. Grimes is the founder and Managing Partner of Grimes LLC  - a world renowned intellectual property and licensing law firm with offices in NY, CT and FL.  He has been practicing law since 1974.  Mr. Grimes is admitted to practice in a number of states and before the U.S. PTO and various federal courts.  He was in-house counsel for Gulf + Western Industries in New York City before founding the Grimes LLC firm in 1980.  Mr. Grimes has authored more than twenty books and written hundreds of articles on intellectual property and licensing law subjects, served as the Executive Editor for leading legal journals, lectured before countless legal and business groups, served as an Adjunct Professor for the Sacred Heart University paralegal program, and appeared as a legal commentator on a number of television shows.
Mr. Grimes regularly participates in the negotiation and drafting of transactional matters in a wide range of commercial fields for an equally diverse group of clients.  He has managed the worldwide trademark portfolios of leading consumer products companies.  He has represented inventors, artists, authors, illustrators, musicians, photographers, toy and game designers, software designers, entertainment and sports personalities and other individuals in every imaginable field of creative endeavor.  He has participated in major patent and trademark litigations.  He has led anti-counterfeiting programs for clients in South Florida that have resulted in some of the largest seizures of counterfeit merchandise in state history.  He is also a founder of a number of companies, a motion picture and television producer, and an inventor of a number of proprietary patented designs.  He has collaborated on some of the most successful commercial exploitations of intellectual properties over the last thirty years that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profits.