John N. Raudabaugh

Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law

Professor Raudabaugh is the Reed Larson Professor of Labor Law.   A former member of the National Labor Relations Board and an experienced labor and employee relations attorney, Professor Raudabaugh teaches courses related to labor law and employee rights and supervises a labor law litigation practicum. In addition to his teaching duties, Professor Raudabaugh, serves as a Foundation Staff Attorney, working in the Foundation's legal aid program (described at and litigates Foundation-supported cases brought for individual workers.  Professor Raudabaugh’s publications include articles on labor law reform, labor strategy considerations in corporate transactions; international labor standards and policy; and more.  Before joining Ave Maria, Professor Raudabaugh also taught as an Adjunct Professor of Labor Law at Northwestern University Law School, Ave Maria School of Law, University of Chicago Law School, and Emory University Law School.